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BeeVital Hive Clean

BeeVital Hive Clean

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BeeVital® Hive Clean works naturally and does not affect honey or the wax.

Hiveclean is a certified organic product for the control of Varroa mites,& promoting the health of Bees.

After its application the tiny drops of the liquid deposited on the bees’ hair are then transferred onto other bees through contact and the bees’ natural urge to cleanse. BEEVITAL HIVE CLEAN cleanses bees from parasites and honeycomb cells from dead larvae which then drop to the bottom of the hive.

It is non-toxic and does not kill Varroa instantly. The Varroa immediately sense a change in the environment after applying HiveClean. This irritates them and they fall off the bee or are bitten off by other bees. Eventually they die on the open mesh floor tray.


BEEVITAL HIVE CLEAN has no adverse effects if used according to the instructions.

Package Price Loyalty points
500 ml 7 330 Ft 146
5 liter 61 900 Ft 1 238

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