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All natural, quality products for healthy bees and rewarding beekeeping

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Vernalis Bt. has been present on the Hungarian apiary market since 2007. Our aim is to help effective and safe beekeeping with natural products of the highest quality and efficacy.

We are a fast growing family based business in the southern part of Hungary. With the distribution of FeedBee which is a pollen substitute we have not only introduced a new product to our markets, but strove to establish a new approach and technology in the beekeeping of Hungary and other surrounding countries. In the past few years the number of the products we distribute has grown significantly together with the number of the producing companies we represent. At present we are the representatives of the Canadian Bee Processing Enterprises Ltd., Complete Bee, USA, and Nano Girisim Ltd., Turkey in Hungary and several European countries. We also represent Vita Europe Ltd. and we proudly represent Advance Science in Hungary science 2013.


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+3672 590 001, +3630 743 7048

Company number: 02 06 067743
Tax number: 20194358-2-02

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